🤖Machine Learning Model to Fight RugPulls🚨

We are currently working with a group of University students on a Machine Learning Model to analyze the Sentiment of distinguished projects and their followers to label a score as a Quality Matrix and to detect possible RugPulls.

We have been active in the CNFT space for almost two years and had experienced this multiple times. With our expertise and experience, we believe we should do something about it.

As it is quite sensitive to level/score an upcoming project and we need to be very very accurate, we have been working cautiously to bring this to the community ASAP for a safer future!


Rugpull refers to a situation where the creator of an NFT project abruptly shuts down the project and sells off their own NFTs, potentially causing the value of the NFTs to plummet. This can be seen as a form of fraud, as it can lead to significant financial losses for investors who have purchased NFTs in the project.

To avoid falling victim to a rug pull, it's important for investors to thoroughly research any NFT projects before purchasing NFTs, and to be cautious of projects that appear to have little transparency or have a history of questionable activity. It's also important to keep in mind that investing in NFTs, like any other form of investing, carries inherent risks and it's important to be aware of these risks before making any investment decisions.

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