🥈Personalized Dog Tags

Personalized Dog Tag is a personal collectible with the essence of bravery, royalty, and loyalty. It is a WhiteList token that we call BraveList.

How can I get it?

Everyone who earns the BraveList spot of the Brave Dogs Genesis Collection is entitled to claim a Personalized Dog Tag Lite, for FREE, engraved with the Twitter Handle, ID, Station, and Issuers' name (Brave Dogs NFT).

Be with us, guide us, criticize our works, and most importantly, support us if you believe us. Your name will be engraved, for sure.

TLDR: It's a WhiteList token, but very personalized. That is why it is not and will not be verified on any secondary market! HODL 😬




🦴 Floxy

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