What is Sirius?

Have you ever wanted a whitelist spot for one of your favourite projects but didn't get one because you are not good at grinding or don't have the time for it? If your answer is yes, we have a Sirius solution for you.

Introducing Sirius, the first Pre Sale management tool on Cardano that allows project founders to facilitate the right buyers and help buyers to purchase NFTs without the need for grinding and also allows buyers to opt in at his/her optimal price by facilitating the principal of a Dutch auction.

How does it Work?

SIRIUS is an innovative presale platform designed specifically for NFTs. It operates on the principle of a Dutch auction, offering NFTs for presale at a maximum predetermined price and gradually reducing the price over successive phases until either the presale supply is completely sold out or the minimum selling price is reached.

By starting with a maximum price and gradually lowering it, SIRIUS creates an engaging and time-sensitive environment for collectors and enthusiasts looking to secure NFTs.

During each phase of the presale, buyers can purchase the NFT at the current price or wait for subsequent phases with potentially lower prices. This structure encourages participation and excitement in the community as individuals evaluate the optimal time to make their purchases


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