We are all familiar with the Airdrop in Cardano. You want to send someone a gift, maybe a whitelist pass; you ask for their address and use a third-party tool to airdrop that to their wallet and hope to god that they notice. Not to mention, in order to airdrop something, you have to send an additional ~1.6 ADA to that address. This might sound small, but when you multiply it by 300-400, it gets bigger.

To solve this problem, we are introducing ClaimDrop. ClaimDrops is a process where you will create your project on BraveMint, whitelist their address and send your BraveMint project URL ( i.e., ) to them, and they will mint their pass by themselves for free (transaction fee applies).

Not only will this increase the traction of your project instead of a silent airdrop, but also, you won't have to spend a huge sum of ADA to give away something for free.

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