📈Share Allocation

30% of shares of BraveLabs will be allocated to Brave Dogs NFT Collections [Genesis Dog Tag, Xperience Pass, Brave Dogs Genesis Collection, +Future Collection].

We have a total of 3,000,000 shares in BraveLabs.

A total of 20% of the shares will be allocated and shared among three collections, namely, Genesis Dog Tag, Xperience Pass, and Brave Dogs Genesis Collection.

Initially, 12.32% of shares will be distributed proportionally among these three collections. Subsequently, an additional 5.52% will be allocated post-mint as Stacking Rewards, benefiting the existing Brave Dogs NFT Collections holders.

It is important to note that our policy IDs do not have any time lock to facilitate this.

While the PFP collection may not initially hold the complete 17.8% of shares (the remainder will be acquired through Staking), the revenue distribution calculations will still consider the entire 17.8% share allocation for the collection.

By adopting this approach, we aim to encourage staking activities, providing rewarding benefits to the holders while simultaneously sharing 20% of the revenue among the collections.

*Rest 10% will be distributed with the future collection if we drop any.

Share Allocation:

Collection NameAllocation RangeAllocation/CollectionPercentage

Genesis Dog Tag




Xperience Pass




Brave Dogs Genesis Collection




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