What's more exciting than a sustainable continuous rewards stream? We have multiple tools and utilities under BraveLabs to generate sustainable revenues.

Revenue Sources:

  • BraveMint: Bravemint is a multi-sig minting engine developed by Bravelabs for the CNFT community to provide a next-generation minting experience.

  • Sirius: SIRIUS is an innovative presale platform designed specifically for NFTs. It operates on the principle of a Dutch auction, offering NFTs for presale at a maximum predetermined price and gradually reducing the price over successive phases until the presale supply is completely sold out or the minimum selling price is reached.

  • Mystery Chest: Mystery Chests are a Burn Collectible Series by the BIG x BRAVE Dogs team!

  • Coming Tools: The following tool we are working on will change how we interact with NFT! More Info TBA!

Semi-Annual Revenue Share:

The semi-annual revenue share from BraveLabs is a distribution of a portion of BraveLabs' revenue as a reward to Brave Dogs NFT Collection holders based on the number of shares specified in the metadata.

This means that the more shares an individual holds, the better their revenue share will be. The revenue share will be distributed twice a year, making it semi-annual.

The number of Shares is stackable. This means if one holds three NFTs and each of the NFTs has 45, 50, and 100 shares, in total, the holder has 195 shares.

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